Why visYoga?

Reach your fitness goals: Visyoga can help you burn calories even after you workout 

  • By regularly practicing visYoga you will grow more muscle and increase muscle fiber engagement. The more muscle you have and use, the more calories you burn even while you're standing still.

  • This can also help you lose weight 

  • VisYoga is designed to make you stronger and tone your body

  • VisYoga emphasis on core control and balance helps you be at your most functionally fit. 

never get bored

  • VisYoga's moves are based on a multi-discipline approach designed to help you avoid reaching a physical and mental plateau.

  • By varying the sequences and fostering unpredictability, visYoga ensures you are always present and engaged; therefore, you don't get bored.

Make our unpredictable world more predictable 

  • VisYoga uses principle of martial arts, teaching you master body mechanics used in self-defenses that can help you in the real world.

Get the Pants. Join the movement.