The Testimonials

“I've started taking yoga classes in 2008 and have practiced with Essdras hundreds of times. Visyoga is a great balance of strength, flexibility, and mindfulness. Think martial arts, yoga, strength training, and stretching all together. Essdras brings an effective, unique style I have yet to see in the industry. And lastly, I'll say that Essdras truly cares for his students and always takes time to help them individually before, during, or after class.”

- Kurt F

“I took Vis Yoga classes with Essdras at the local sports club for several years twice a week. Essdras always made it fun and engaging but at the same time, challenging. I was really looking forward to my yoga class at the end of the workday. Same people would come to Essdras’ class - he had a following. Which made us more than random people doing yoga - we were friends, we were a yoga community.”

-Svetlana Semenova 

"You have given me my strength back after my car accident."

- Brittany K. 

“I feel its important to express gratitude and your class over the past 7 or 8 months has taught me to love yoga, and I feel much stronger physically and mentally. Its a real point of zen that I check-in with my body and mind. Thank you for that, best part is, its fun too!”

- Katrina Stanislaw

"Vis Yoga with Ess has been the perfect ending to my day for over 4 years now. The strength training is a perfect balance of power, which puts even the most rapid minds at ease. Whether you're a beginner or a pro - each practice leaves you with a strong sense of accomplishment. I can't imagine my life without it!"

-Jessica Neofotisto

 “My wife and I have practiced Vis-Yoga for a few years and find the classes to be a wonderful way to build strength and endurance. We enjoy the constant variety (each class is different) of poses. We finish the classes feeling both tired and refreshed. The practice offers a workout for the body and a break for the mind, which is exactly what we need after a day of work”

-Ani Arakelian

“Because of you, I am now able to tie my own shoelaces again.”

-Jean, 72