The Official VisYoga Credo

1. If you can move, you can do visYoga™.

2. We believe anyone can do visYoga™ regardless of whether they’ve tried or not yoga or martial arts before.

3.Anyone can attend and take part in a visYoga™ class. All are welcome. We believe in keeping class upbeat, relaxed, and in making everyone feel welcomed.

4.What we do in class is not life and death, thus we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

5. We believe if you are doing and activity by choice and you are not having fun, then what’s the point?

6.Your  safety is our number one priority. The only thing we take truly seriously is to make sure no one gets injured during a class and that everyone respects each other and the instructor. 

7. We believe nothing we do on the mat is worthy of injuring ourselves. So we ask you to listen to your body and pay attention to the cues it gives you. Dull pain is acceptable, sharp pain means stop!

8. visYoga™ is a modern approach to ancient principles of physical conditioning found in yoga and the martial arts.

9.We believe the physicality found in all human beings is a universal constant and this commonality can be used as a base for communication and understanding.

10. We believe the root- human physicality or physical actions found in all sports or practices is the same.

11.We believe the power of a move comes from your center of gravity and from your mastery of your core.

12. We believe if you master your core, you’ll master your balance. Ours is a core-centric system. For

13.we believe a stronger core = less injuries, less risk of fall, better posture, less lower back problems, better stability and better physical preparedness for whatever life might throw on our paths. 

14. visYoga™ is continuously evolving to fit and match our modern lifestyle and the current state of affairs in society for we believe the world doesn’t cease to exist when we climb on our mats. Be present but also be alert and aware.

15.Because visYoga™ is deeply influenced and rooted in the martial arts, there’s also a big element of functionality and that of preparing yourself for the unexpected.

16. We believe in immersing ourselves in the practice but we also believe to always keep the "Five As" of safety in mind:  Alertness, Awareness, Avoidance, Anticipation, Action.

17.We don’t use Sanskrit to call out the poses for we are aware most people do not speak this language.

18.We use common language to impart detailed instructions on how to move and to explain the inner workings of your body as you go through the motions. And we do this in such a manner that all listening can understand and easily follow.

19.We don’t do chanting, for we consider this to be an enlightened realm better left for enlightened beings... we don’t really think of ourselves as being enlightened.

20.We don’t light incense or smear oils on our foreheads or that of our students. For, we consider everyone’s sense of smell to be something unique and very private. Thus, we’d never assume to know your olfactory taste and tolerance for certain smells. 

21. We don’t belief the modern mind can simply be turned off by the asking when you step onto a yoga mat.

22.We believe on relaxing the mind through the engagement of the body and by emphasizing the understanding of its movements.

23.We believe in matching breathing to movement and movement to breath. For there’s no more self absorbing, mind centering, and mind cleansing exercise than that of achieving this concurrence.

24.The goal of a visYoga™ class is to give you a break from your mind and your everyday problems by bringing you to the present through a mind-and-body-engaging workout.

25.A visYoga™ class should be considered a full workout where we pay attention to body alignment and follow proper and natural-kinetic-action principles as we monitor and control our breathing.

26. We believe a visYoga™ class is a two-way street. So, we try to make classes as participatory as possible by asking students for their choice of poses and/or their desired body- part focus during each class.

27.We do not believe different individuals of different backgrounds, different physical attributes, different strengths and or weaknesses need to look exactly the same when doing the same pose.

28. We believe every person is the result of their own life's experiences up to that exact moment when they stand in front of us. These life experience create unique and one-of-a-kind individuals in every one of us. 

29. We believe everybody is their own different and unique individual and we respect this individuality. We follow this mantra as we practice: Your Body, Your Practice, Your Technique. 

30. We believe variety is the spice of life. So, no two visYoga™ classes should ever be exactly the same. Embrace change and enjoy the challenge.

31.We don’t want you ever to be bored. We believe repetition and predictability are the root of boredom.

32. If you ever feel as if you are getting bored with visYoga™ classes feel free to approach the instructor before or after class and let them know you want new moves.

33. We seek to help you reach a state when the thinking mind takes a break on its own and the practice then becomes a moving meditation. We call this naturally occurring state “reflaxation,” where the mind relaxes out of reflex.

34. We won’t ask you to meditate but instead we hope we can get you to a meditative state of mind through the task at hand (the asanas/ the moves, the sequences, etc)

35. The best yogis in the world are children. For they don’t think too hard upon on the task at hand but instead they simply are.

36. We believe on focusing on the “being” or becoming one with the movement part of the practice and not so much in the “doing” part.

37. We believe, we rely too much in the sense of sight so at times we close our eyes during poses in order to allow the mind inward and to become engaged with the movement being performed.

38. When holding a stretch, we ought to strive to turn that feeling of discomfort into a journey of internal exploration, discovery, acceptance and forgiveness.

39. We believe in order to be kind with others you must first be kind to yourself. So don’t be too harsh on yourself.

40. We believe the concept of “rest day” is a modern construct that does not fit with our evolutionary history as a hunter-gatherer society. You should do some sort of physical activity or sport as often as your body can take it.

41. We believe your standard of fitness should be measured by your ability to survive your world.

42. We believe strength without flexibility is a weakness. And we believe flexibility without strength is too a weakness.

43. We believe on working out for health not for aesthetics.

44. We believe on working out so we can keep our bodies working for the next 50 years.

45. We believe the body is the temple of the spirit and that we must take care of this temple.

46. We believe for every action there’s an opposite or equal reaction, thus we try to counter- pose our moves or sequences in order to achieve balance.

47.The balance we strive for goes beyond the mat into our daily lives and into our psyches.

48. And lastly, we believe visYoga™ is a lifestyle that can and should be carried beyond the mat and the studio.

49. The hardest part of the practice is the first step on the mat and we are already there so we’re going to be ok

50. The best yogis in the world are children because children dont think they simply are

Our Parting Word:

  • Namas-kiai-te: (I bow to the divine in you… but I’m also watching you)

  • Namaste + kia

  • Namaste: greetings or paying a sense of respect

  • Ki or Chi: internal strength or energy

  • Kiai: short utterance or shout used in some martial arts to focus your physical and inner strength during an attack or defense.