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a workout for your body and a break from your mind

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A SURVIVALIST photojournalist take on yoga

The Visyoga Experience

As a photojournalist, Essdras Suarez’s work has taken him to streets struck by disaster and areas overcome by war that most wouldn’t think to do yoga on. Yet, he found himself working out everywhere he went due to the realization that by engaging his body he was able to give his mind a break. So in 2008, he created visYoga by mixing principle of yoga, martial arts, personal training, isometrics and pranayama (breathing) to share this experience with others. Visyoga is a physical and mental conditioning system that makes you stronger, makes you feel better about yourself, gives you balance and prepares you for the real world. VisYoga, is not just a workout but a way of life. Find out more


unlike any other

The Visyoga Pants

The idea of the visYoga™ pants was born after Essdras Suarez had been teaching yoga for a couple of years. He kept noticing the same complaint over and over from students. Once he realized the solution to many performance issues and complaints, Essdras set out to help others by going where no one else had gone before in the yoga apparel industry.

In 2000, he drew up the first version of the visYoga™ pants. Since that moment, he has set out to create yoga pants with built in feature to meet the needs of the yogis across the nation. Thus, the sticky gusett from ankle to ankle, the removable knee pads, and the string and toggle in the women’s pants to streamline and secure the pant legs are just some unique features to these revolutionary pants. Shop them here.

The Solution


ankle to ankle strips


built in REMOVABLE knee pads

mesh underwear


Sticky material inside waistband to make sure pants remain in place

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